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Remote and in the studio

Not sure how to make the album you’re envisioning come to life? Simple Productions will work with you to make that happen; shaping your songs into something  that is uniquely you. We’ll work together from start to finish l to mold your music into something you’ll be proud of. We'll find that sound that is in your head no matter what it takes and polish it past radio and streaming standards.

 Mixing is the art and science behind bringing your recordings to life. We use a top down approach with traditional and modern strategies.  A combination of analogue emulated and state-of-the-art plugins along with referencing your favorite commercial releases guarantees the mix will over-deliver.  Of course we offer as many revisions as necessary for your song to sound like it does in your head. 

Mastering adds the finishing touches to your song, making it sound polished, loud and competitive. We offer modern  software based mastering on all songs we mix as well as a separate service.

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