Simple Productions Covid-19 Update: October 2020

A lot has changed in the last eight months. Covid-19 has closed the doors to many service based businesses while customers are forced to find new ways to get those same services accomplished.

This change has hit the music industry hard. As streaming has become the medium of choice for the average music listener, artists are forced to depend on playing live shows and touring for their main source of income. Covid-19 has made that nearly impossible, as bars and venues; the musician's workplaces, are forced to stay closed or limit their business in the hopes

of slowing the spread of this virus.

Simple Productions has chosen to remain closed to the public while restrictions are cautiously lifted. Although many recording studios have opened their doors, I feel that putting the health of clients, my family and myself at risk should be taken seriously. Also, after much thought I believe proper social distancing, mask-wearing and other precautions can't lead to either a positive studio experience or a great recording.

Thanks to our crazy times and a high-speed internet connection, Simple Productions is now offering remote recording, mixing and mastering services!

Remote studio sessions are offered through Steinberg's VST Connect Pro and VST Performer software. VST Connecct Pro runs on the studio computer and connects through the internet to VST Performer; free software running on the client's PC, Mac or iPad. Through that connection, what comes out of the studio monitors is streamed to the client's device. The client can record audio and MIDI,listening to the studio mix, in the comfort of their home! The studio receives a compressed version of the client;s performance in real time and can download an uncompressed file. A proper audio interface and studio microphone is strongly recommended and are often available for loan from Simple Productions. With direct video and audio connection between the client and the studio, it's like being in the studio.

Check the following video from Mixdown.Online for details:

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