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Simple Productions is a not-for profit recording  studio and in Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia. 

The studio is owned and operated by John Murphy. John has over 20 years experience in the industry and is a graduate of Acadia University’s music program.  

 The studio works with a modern philosophy to meet the needs of the modern and ever changing music industry. All genres and artists are welcome here. 


Recent Projects

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The Maddy McRoss

Ripping Hearts


Ian Alistar Gosbee

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Studio Services

Simple Productions is here to help you take your music to its full potential. From inspiration to radio ready master, we are here to help your music reach its full potential . We provide a wide range of services specializing in Mixing, Sound Engineering and Music Production. Contact us today to see how our studio can help you today.

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Morning Sessions starting at 9am can be 3hrs in length. To indicate this Select 2hr session, Pick 9:00 as the start time & type "3hr" after your name.

Please Inquire Here if a session time that best works for you is not available in OnLINE BOOKING 


File Upload

Please click the button below to  submit digital audio files for mixing, mastering and collaboration after completing a quick onboarding form.

To use the form linked below to upload files to Simple Productions you need to use an email attached to a Google account. Without a Google account you have two options:       

  • 1. Click the link below and when prompted to enter you Google account email, follow the link to "create an account" and then the link to  "create from existing email". Once your account is set up you can continue complete the form.

  • 2. Go to TransferNow.net and send your file(s) to jmurphy@simpleproductions.net