Welcome to Simple Productions; a different kind of recording studio with a fresh and reassuring philosophy. Here you’ll be free to let the creativity flow without the worry of the normal financial hardship.  Whether you are a solo artist or a full band, you’ll feel right at home in our laid back, yet productive and not-for profit environment. 

We care about the artists and the music we work with. We are driven by passion and mutual respect not the looming clock on the wall, by the thrill of helping you take your songs and dreams are far as the can go. It’s the way a studio should be.


 Contact us today to for details and see how we can bring your project to life. 

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Welcome to the dark and heavy side of Ian Gosbee.  This EP has been in the works for a while but is now available! Mr. Gosbee has been a long-time client at Simple Productions.  Click on the image to hear this EP on Apple Music, or find it on all major streaming platforms, along with the rest of Mr. Gosbee's catalogue.

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